The V2 45 deg Exile Hydra truck is designed for long distance skateboarding, especially for bracket board setups. It will create the perfect pair with a rear Insania zero deg bracket. Trucks have F125 steel axles and hard grade 8 steel kingpins.

The hanger of the truck is designed for a spherical bearing or a KORE insert bushing as well. Both hanger and baseplate are made from 7075 T6 alloy.

HANGER: 132|140 adjustable + spherical bearing / KORE insert bushing + F125 steel axles + stainless steel precision spacers

RAKE: 7mm

BUSHINGS: Riptide .6″ 85a APS BS + 80a APS RS + APS Pivot Tube

220 eur
+ shipping cost

please email to order