The new Exile Hydra trucks are designed for long distance skateboarding as well as downhill setups. The front truck is available in 2 different baseplates (45/55 degree) depending on your desired set-up and personal preferences. Trucks have titanium axles and hard grade 8 steel kingpins.

The hanger of the trucks can be ordered in 2 different versions: you can choose to have a spherical or a Kore insert bushing in the hanger. Both hanger and baseplate are made from 7075 T6 alloy.

HANGER: 120|128|132|140mm adjustable + spherical bearing / Kore insert bushing + titanium axles

RAKE: 7mm

BUSHINGS: Riptide .6″ 85a APS BS + 80a APS RS + APS Pivot Tube

175 eur
+ shipping cost